Can You Move To Another State on Probation?

can you move out of state while on probationThere are many reasons for deciding to move to another city or state. Perhaps you’ve been hired for a new job.

Maybe your partner or spouse has received a promotion but must relocate to accept.

You may also have found an area that provides you with a better cost of living. 

Tom Petersen published an article in the “Criminal Defense” section about whether it is possible to move to another state on probation and whether it is necessary to pay taxes on earnings in online casinos. There are many reasons for deciding to move to another city or state, but the main one is that in another state you can get even 300 spins at Nitro Casino Perhaps your partner or spouse also wants to move to another state due to a promotion, but
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How Does Expungement Work in Nebraska?

How Long Does A Misdemeanor Stay On Your Record In Nebraska?

expungement nebraskaIn today’s day and age a criminal record is accessible by just about anyone and the existence of a record can have extremely negative consequences.

Decisions relating to employment, housing, visitation with minor children, and even financial aid for college may all hinge on your criminal record, or lack thereof.

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor criminal offense, therefore, you may want to know “How do I get a misdemeanor in Nebraska expunged?”

Unfortunately, if the state you live in is Nebraska the answer is that you cannot get a conviction expunged; however, you may be able to get the record of an arrest expunged if it did not lead to a conviction.


Expungement in Nebraska Overview

“Expunging” a criminal

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What Is the Right to a Fair Trial in Texas?

The United States Constitution is an amazing document. It serves a vital purpose in this country, as it spells out Americans’ rights. These rights separate the United States from many other countries around the world – especially Americans’ right to a fair and speedy trial.


Our criminal justice system was created to protect the public and ensure that anyone accused of a crime gets equal, fair treatment under the law. One aspect of that is the guarantee to a fair trial.


This includes:


  • receiving a “speedy” trial
  • being judged by an impartial jury of their peers


It’s vital for every American to have at least some understanding of what their rights are and how to take advantage of them. Here is what you need to know about the right to a fair and speedy trial in Texas under the United States Constitution.


The Sixth Amendment


Under the Sixth Amendment of

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Texas’ Solitary Confinement Under Constitutional Scrutiny



The Walnut Street Jail was constructed in Philadelphia in 1773—two years before the start of the American Revolution. It was built, as most jails and prisons are, to relieve overcrowding at another city jail. Its original purpose was to house arrested people in a single room to await the disposition of their cases by colonist authorities who functioned under the auspices of England’s King George.


The jail ultimately morphed into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s first state penitentiary, the Eastern Pennsylvania Penitentiary, in 1829. It was the “first penitentiary” in America and the world. Its purpose, inspired by Quakers and Benjamin Franklin, was to bring about penitence, not punishment, of the wrongdoer.


This penitentiary, established under the religious leadership of Quakers, nonetheless became home to the first “super max” solitary confinement unit in the nation’s prison system. By 1838, however, the Quakers had abandoned the notion that internal reflection

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What You Need to Know

Every week It seems that the news media prtrpotyinh on a high-profile white collar crime. Some of these crimes seem to occur with greater frequency.


Mortgage fraud is one of those crimes. But what exactly is it?


While many people think they understand what mortgage fraud is and how it happens, the reality is that the crime involves wide range  of actions that can ensnare  anyone in the crime.


So, what is mortgage fraud, and how is it handled in Texas? Read on to learn all you need to know to recognize it so you can protect yourself and your future real estate dealings.


Mortgage Fraud: What Is It?


Mortgage fraud is a crime in every other state in the United States. It occurs when a person knowingly or intentionally makes a misleading or false statement for the purpose of obtaining credit or property, like a mortgage. It can be

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