The “SHOCKING” Truth

Legal Aid SocietyNational security in its broader sense contains each, internal and exterior security. External security involves states implementations of authorized codes as a imply to forestall attacks against US borders, infrastructures, terrorism and potential international invasion. It use can also assist maintained immigration control and worldwide commerce.

Targets really feel as if they’re a prisoner in their very own environments and wherever that they go. They are underneath a 24/7 on-going electromagnetic attack. Their cellular phone machine is easily trackable by satellite tv for pc expertise where they are often easily found… and zapped- ANYWHERE on the globe. Even without the mobile phone giving the goal away, the excessive tech satellite programs observe the infrared body heat patterns and scan and pan the globe on the lookout for the goal’s selective physique heat patterns.

Just as a taser has the ability to induce a coronary heart assault, this sort of distant electronic harassment can cause all kinds of well being related points – and might even cause loss of life. I really hope that the information that I discovered will help to bridge a niche for those targeted individuals who shouldn’t have the time to spend months googling and researching this particular subject. Directed power weapons are like an invisible taser gun… so it is important to look at the results of taser weapons and the way they have an effect on folks’s well being as a way to perceive the total ramifications of this sort of know-how. The more research that I’ve executed as regards to chemtrails, the extra I understand that the mission of this science is running counter to the laws of nature, animals, and even human existence. I even have been actually combating the information that I’ve found on the backside of the chemtrail research rabbit hole.

With this new surveillance technology, they can remotely monitor the target where the minute that they start to doze into an REM sleep mode, the target will expertise twitching or an involuntary muscle contraction that wakes you up… or- presumably a loud noise (such as a car alarm) goes off proper outside your window, your canine bursts by way of the door to wake you up, etc… any variety of issues can occur to maintain you from sleeping. Directed Energy Weapons Used In Iraq (Part 2 of 3) Laser Weapons Used in Iraq. Laser expertise can minimize someone remotely miles away from the target.

Yes, I began filming chemtrails last yr, Dec. 23rd. I had already been researching Weather Warfare and Nikola Tesla’s work earlier than that… so that’s how I received the yr and 1/third! It has been a fascinating research! Thanks for stopping by and studying it! I respect your time! For those of you who nonetheless are having a difficult time understanding that an invisible microwave beam can probably trigger ache or harm to the human physique, the upcoming three video segments reveal how highly effective a directed power weapon may be.