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Law ClinicNEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Susanna was young, single, broke and pregnant in southern Texas where, due to the state’s strict legal guidelines, her probabilities of getting a surgical abortion at a clinic have been slim to none.

I went to see a new Dr. for methadone at the moment. I’m on disability, the new Dr. Told me he has to take away all my carries as a result of I wasn’t working, volunteering or going to school. I have never ever heard of this before. He advised me I don’t deserve the carries as a result of I’m on disability. Even although I’m clear for 10 months. Is this true? Do you must be working, volunteering or attending college to have carries? Thanks if anyone knows. This Dr was very abusive to me verbally and made me cry once I left. I’m truly tapering to come back off methadone and he simply treated me like a pile of crap. I’d love extra data on methadone rules in BC Canada if anybody is aware of.

Yeah to everybody giving folks dumb advice and principally telling others the reason for why the clinic is doing something: clinics are all completely different. The one I’m at only allows a one week take house (6 bottles) irrespective of how good or lengthy you are there. Also, they assist you to smoke weed and there is no in poor health consequence. Alcohol is a distinct story since it contradicts the methadone’s results and can very probably be deadly. Same with Benzo’s. But on the subject of what clinics punish or reward for what, ask you state drug habit agencies in regards to the legislation or your clinic, in case you can belief them, as the principles differ from facility to facility.

In response to JAY. At one of many clinics in Ct, we can smoke pot. They do not verify for THC in there DRUG TESTS. They are only involved about opiates and benzos. SO so long as your clear with that your good. A lot of individuals smoke pot right here. There are some clinic in Ct that do not permit you to smoke weed. They wont provide you with take homes if you check with THC. I wont say the name of the clinc I go to in CT but it surely allows weed. I couldn’t believe it once I first heard about that. I thought a Drug is a Drug.

I live in jap carolina and I am occurring 2 years opiate free. Thankful to have a clinic 30 miles away that I now go to as soon as per week and have 6 take properties now. Along with that I must attend 2 classes, 1 physician visit and a session with councelor each month. I by no means was so severe about my restoration or have had any curiosity in recovering till I found out about methadone. It has worked nicely and I additionally must work too to remain clear every and on a regular basis. Its easy to fall off the ship, but so long as you’ve got the desire to work your program every thing will fall into place in your life.