Why Use Bi Folding Doors

There are different types of doors used for different structures. One of such popular space saving doors would be bi folding doors. The popularity of this type of door could have come from the fact that it offers many benefits. Thus, if you are thinking about creating a more spacious room, bi folding doors would be preferable. These are doors with two panels that open or close with the help of the hinged sections in between panels. Thus, you can put one over the other and keep both panels to either side.

Aside from the doors at home, you can also use folding doors as airplane hangar doors, room dividers, and many other needs. To make the panels move, there are tracks on top where rollers of the doors followed while moving to either side. The door pull or door knob just needs to be operated to keep the panels folded and kept neat on one side. One panel can be opened while the other can be left closed.

A structure, like a home or a commercial plane hangar with really small space to accommodate how any ordinary door closes and opens, will make use of such folding doors. These doors move based on the tracking mechanism that they have. Moreover, to keep the user from encountering any problem when opening or closing these panels, they can be moved even without following a specific orientation for the panels.

These bi folding doors do not merely operate as one. They are also used as room dividers that will help you maximize your space at home. If the biggest issue in your house is the space available in it, this would be a good way to solve that problem. Anyhow, the tracks that are used in most sliding doors are the same tracks that are now used in bi folding doors.

The panels of the doors can be made of different materials, which is why this is one factor used to differentiate one door from another. These materials typically used for bi folding doors are wood, flat panel, raised panel, v-groove panel and glass for French doors. Wood used to be the dominant material preferred by the market but this taste has changed and gave in to glass or metal.

Among the types of bi folding doors in the market, the louvered door acquires the most votes with its louvers or movable wooden slats. With the perfectly operable slats that can open without entirely opening the door, you can let light and air in with perfect control over them. Instead of using shutters, you can have this one which will give you absolute privacy although not really sturdy security when closed. If you keep the door open, you can also let maximum light from the outside in.

The current trend in the use of doors these days is to have one that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also more energy efficient as well. Ventilation would not be an issue with a good door. Do-it-yourself assembly and installation are also possible with bi folding doors.

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