Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

There is a lot of good information out there about largemouth bass angling but with so much widespread information, it can take hours to get a few truly useful largemouth bass fishing tips. This article will give you some short, to-the-point largemouth bass fishing tips that are proven to work. Lets get started.

Of all the largemouth bass fishing tips, I consider knowing the biological habits of the bass the most important. Understanding the needs of largemouth bass allows you to locate them and present some bait that will appeal to them. Here are some basic needs of largemouth bass: lots of underwater structure to hide around, lots of cover from the bright sun, lots of nearby baitfish they can prey on, water temperature between 50-80 degrees with a preference of 60-75. Use these requirements as a sort of checklist when deciding where to fish. If you can identify all of these qualities in an area then that is a good place to start fishing.

Second on my list of largemouth bass fishing tips is to use the right color for the right situation. Most people have no rhyme or reason to picking the color of their bait and this is just crazy! When selecting color you should try to match the color with your environment. That means that if it is dark, dull, overcast or even if the water is muddy, you should use a dark, dull, plain lure or jig. When the day is sunny and the water is clear use some bright colors or a flashy silver lure. Baby blue works exceptionally well on these days. Use only black lures at night or in heavily stained waters (I know it sounds counter intuitive but fish do not see the same way we do). Also, try to imitate the local baitfish the best you can. Bass are more likely to strike at something they are convinced is on their regular diet. For example: If there are yellow perch in the lake you are fishing then an imitation yellow perch lure will easily fool a largemouth.

I have some very helpful largemouth bass fishing tips regarding weather; always check the forecast before you head out. If there is a cold front on its way then you may find that the fish are in a feeding frenzy. Bass can sense an incoming cold front and like to eat up before the water turns colder, almost like a mini-hibernation. Bright sunny days, although nice for humans to fish in, can cause bass to stay close to their cover areas and not venture out to far. They have no eyelids and the sun hurts their eyes so you may find that they are more active on overcast days. A little rain never hurts when you are fishing either. It stirs up bugs in the water and as the baitfish are busy feeding on surface insects, the bass are busy feeding on baitfish. This is a good time to be fishing because the bass are out of their cover and actively feeding.

These are just a few great largemouth fishing tips, for even more quality tips, check out this article: Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

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